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Myers Briggs Type Indicator®

Maggie Poole is licensed to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® and can incorporate the MBTI® into most training courses where appropriate. The MBTI® helps people to understand their own behaviour, and how they relate to others with similar and different preferences. It provides a constructive framework upon which to examine differences in personal behavioural styles. It highlights strengths so that people can really make the most of their natural gifts; it looks at areas of difficulty in a positive way, thus reducing inner conflict and stress. Understanding your personality is the key to improving your relationships. It provides you with a unique form of 'emotional intelligence' which will enhance your effectiveness in any role. It will enable you and your teams to move forward positively and effectively to achieve your goals.


Understanding Behaviours

There are so many ways Myers Briggs Type Indicator® can help your business. Including:

Building stronger, more effective teams

Identifying leadership and management styles

Improve communications and resolve conflict

Managing time and stress

Become self-aware and fulfil your potential

Improving attendance and absenteeism

Get in touch with us today and we can discuss how Myers Briggs training can transform your business.

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