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Training courses to develop people skills within the workplace


Tailored Training Courses

Hadley Park Training Services offer a range of training options to suit the needs of your company. We will ensure that everything is tailor-made to suit your needs. Maggie Poole is qualified and licensed to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, which is a psychometric instrument known worldwide as the leading indicator of personal styles. The MBTI® helps people to understand their own behaviour and how they relate to others with similar and different preferences. Visit our Myers Briggs page for further information on MBTI® and how this can be effectively incorporated into your training.

Helping You To Manage Others

Managers and supervisors at all levels need to perform in a variety of roles. Many are promoted for their technical knowledge, but perhaps need assistance with managing people. We offer training and one-to-one coaching in the following skill areas:


Leadership and motivation


General supervisory skills

Train the trainer


Interview skills

Coaching and mentoring


Negotiating skills


Influencing and persuading others


Managing Communication

We have earned a particularly high reputation for training and coaching in these often tricky skills:


Dealing with difficult people



Managing conflict


Counselling at work

Presentation skills


Questioning & listening


Giving constructive feedback

Developing confidence

Customer care


Managing Yourself

Self-development and self-awareness used to be considered self-indulgent. However, most senior managers now recognise that these are key areas necessary for the fulfilment of personal potential. Many working hours are lost through poor time management and lack of confidence. Excessive stress levels can lead to absenteeism and substandard performance. Helping people to make the best use of their time and control stress will have a dramatic impact on performance and morale.

Look at it this way, growing people = growing business! 


We can help improve:

Time Management


Stress Management





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